Building a campfire that requires little maintenance involves a few important steps. They are not difficult or arduous to do, but it’s easy to  make a mistake if you’re not paying attention.

Tinder and Kindling at the bottom – Tinder and kindling should form a stack at the bottom of the firewood and be loosely surrounded by wood on all sides. Tinder can include small dried sticks and thin pieces of firewood, bunched up newspaper, or a fire starter log. All of these will work as long as they are at the bottom and have wood stacked appropriately around them.

Firewood stacking – Start with the smallest pieces of seasoned (dry) firewood you can find. The smaller pieces will ignite faster than large pieces of hardwood. Also, choose pieces of wood that are split open, as the heartwood in the middle will ignite easier than the outer sapwood. Place firewood around the grate to create a “pocket” for your kindling.  Remember to leave room for air to circulate so the young fire can catch on and roar.

Firewood Ratings – Both hardwood and softwood can be used in a fire.  Softwoods are better for starting  fire, but burn quickly.  Hardwoods burn hotter and longer, but are harder to ignite.  For more information click this link: Firewood ratings

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