Using an IncinerGrate to organize, contain, structure, and manage your firewood as it burns offers a number of advantages. These relate not only to the quality of the fire, but can have safety implications, as well as increasing the amount of time you can spend doing other things.

  • Firewood stacking is a much simpler task when you have a structure to indicate where the wood should go, and to keep it in place as it burns. This means quicker setup and more even burning.
  • The specific dimensions of the IncinerGrate allow the ideal ember pocket to form, promoting a hot, long-lasting fire that requires less prodding and tending.
  • As firewood burns down, it is less likely to fall haphazardly, as the IncinerGrate keeps it in place. This reduces the chances of stray logs or embers endangering you and your loved ones.
  • The design of the IncinerGrate facilitates appropriate airflow through the firewood, allowing the fire to burn stronger and more evenly with less adjustment. This means less time spent adjusting the burning logs, which decreases safety hazards and increases time with friends.

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