Camping is a fun, outdoor activity all year long. But the summer often brings out that desire to venture into the woods and build a nice big campfire. Staying safe this season can benefit you and those you care about, as well as strangers and the forest itself. It’s worth the extra few minutes to avoid problems down the road. Here are a few pointers:

  • Area around Fire – keep wood, leaves, pinestraw, and other debris away from fire so nobody trips and so that errant sparks don’t catch anything
  • Lighterfluid – never use lighterfluid to enhance an existing fire
  • Hot/Dry Conditions – do not burn fires in hot/dry and or windy conditions
  • Attend to Fire – always have an adult overseeing your fires, never leave a fire unattended
  • Solid Ground – place firepits on solid ground where it is steady and does not tip
  • Sparks – be cautious of sparks that “jump” out of the fire especially if burning Poplar, Cedar, Larch, Spruce, Hemlock, Tamarack, Sugar Maple
  • Water/Fire Extinguisher – keep a bucket of water, hose or fire extinguisher handy in case fire starts outside the firepit/campfire area
  • Wind – be very cautious in windy/dry conditions, only start a fire well away from “burnable material”

For more, see our Fire Safety Page.