There are a few great products on the market that help make fire pit fires/campfires easy.  We’ve created a short list of a few of these products. Each one is guaranteed to help you enjoy your fires and free up time to spend with your friends or family enjoying your fire.

Fire Starters

Nothing gets a Valentine’s Day fire going like some fire starters from Fat Wood. These 100% all natural wood kindling are covered with a special resins guaranteed to start quickly and burn hot. This 25-pound box is enough wood to start fires for a long time, since you only need to Fat Wood sticks to have a roaring fire. With these fire starters there no need for newspaper, chemicals, or wasted hours splitting wood just for kindling.

IncinerGrate – Vertical Fire Pit Grate

Stacking firewood in the perfect teepee that allows for maximum airflow and stability can be difficult and time consuming for even a seasoned pro. The FIREase IncinerGrate S5000 is perfect for any fire pit and is designed for frequent use. Weighing in just over seven pounds it’s sturdy enough for even a big fire, but light enough to easily transport wherever you need a great fire. The patent pending design allows you to easily stack logs in a teepee that provides the right amount of airflow and stability for the ultimate campfire.

Fire Tongs

Once the fire is going, your loved one will need a nice pair fire tongs to keep the fire going and to move burning logs into just the right place. This pair of fire tongs from Perfect CampfireGrill is some of the longest and most durable on the market. At 36 inches long and with a strong scissor action, these fire tongs make it easy to maneuver logs and still keep a nice safe distance from the flames. This heavy-duty steel beauty will also last for years.

Roasting Forks

What would Valentine’s Day be without dinner and chocolate? But, why wait at a crowded restaurant or just have a box of candy when you can have hot dogs and s’mores? This set of eight roasting forks from Rome Industries complete any campfire set.  Each roasting stick comes with colorful retro handles and is 22 inches long. They are great for roasting the perfect marshmallow or hot dog and keep you far enough away from the fire. These long lasting roasting forks are also easy to clean.

Get yourself one of these products that just keep on giving!