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Building an Awesome FIREase Fire:

B79Q7782Begin by placing your dry starter material in the center of your campground or fire pit.
Place your small kindling on top of the starter material (this kindling should be about a pencil diameter in size).
Place your IncinerGrate over your small pile of kindling, and make sure the four legs are firmly and evenly in place.
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Add larger kindling above and around the inner ring.
B79Q9022 smAdd smaller logs around the outside of the IncinerGrate. If possible, use a mixture of softwood and hardwood.
Use a long match or lighter to start the smallest kindling. Blow or fan the fire as needed to get it started.
As the fire gets going, you may need to add more medium-sized kindling. This helps form the “ember core”.
As the logs in step 4 begin to burn nicely you can then add bigger logs around the grate.
You’ve now successfully built a FIREase fire, a safe and efficient fire that Loves to Burn!
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Always remember to make sure you carefully extinguish your campfire. For more on safety, click here.