Maintenance Information

At the beginning of each spring and fall season, clean and paint your IncinerGrateTM to keep it looking nice all year.

Getting Ready

Prepare a space for cleaning your IncinerGrateTM by spreading out newspapers, unfolded cardboard boxes or a paint tarp.

Cleaning your IncinerGrateTM

Use a wire brush to clean away smaller clumps of ash and debris clinging to the grate. This may take some time depending on the condition of the grate.  Follow this cleaning by using a coarse grade of sandpaper to clean the grate further.  Use a damp rag to clean the grate after you are finished scraping off the ash and debris.  Allow the metal to dry completely.

To ensure the best bond possible between metal and paint, prepare the metal surface for painting by using a solvent cleaner such as Acetone.  Be sure to the follow all warnings listed on the product by the manufacturer.  Finally, gather up and throw away any newspapers used for cleaning the grate to avoid dust settling back on the grate before painting.

Finding the Right Paint

Use a “Heat Resistant Paint” or “High Heat Paint” formulated to withstand high temperatures. Paints such as “High Heat” paint, “Fireplace paint” or “Stove paint” will generally work.  The paint should be formulated to withstand at least 1200 degrees F.

Applying Paint

We recommend using spray paint over a brush to apply the paint.  You will generally get better coverage and there is less clean-up with spray paint.  You will need to make sure you have a large enough piece of cardboard or newspaper to avoid getting paint on your floors or table.

We recommend turning the IncinerGrateTM over and painting the bottom legs first.  You can then grab one of the upper legs with a rag and flip the grate over to complete your first coat.  Spray the entire grate lightly and use two or three coats of paint.  This will help avoid runs in the paint.  See the paint directions for the proper drying time between coats.  Allow the grate to dry up to 24 hours before using in your fire pit or campfire.

Completing Your Job

Finish your job by properly disposing of the newspaper and/or cardboard used as a painting surface.

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