FIREase LLC (FIREase) has established a customer referral program to provide financial benefit to its friends and customers that believe the product provides a good value and want to help promote the IncinerGrateTM products in the marketplace.

SUMMARY. Through the use of a referral code, FIREase will accrue and subsequently payout referral earnings generated from purchases of the S4000 and S5000 IncinerGrate products (the products) using a referral code.  Every referral code in the program is linked to a “parent” referral code.  Referral earnings are accrued and paid to each referee in the referral chain up five (5) levels from purchaser of the product (6th or more level referee).  Referees in the referral chain more than 5 levels removed from purchaser will not accrue any referral earnings for that sale.  This is a totally voluntary program where participants have indicated either in writing or through an e-mail to FIREase ( that they would like to participate in this program and FIREase has acknowledged that request in writing or with an e-mail response.

PURCHASES. For those individuals known to FIREase (1st level referee), who receive their referral code as a result of this relationship, that purchase either of the products, their referral code will entitle them to $5 off the then list price.  For those individuals who have indicated they would like to be included in the referral program an additional $5 will be added to their “referral account”. For those individuals who purchase either of the products using a referral code provided to them by an individual in the referral program, they will receive $5 off then list price and have the opportunity to request a referral code of their own for use with their network of family and friends.

FIRST LEVEL REFERRALS. Referral earnings are generated, for referees in the referral program, when a 2nd level referee purchases one or more of the products and uses an existing 1st level referral code.  For each person that buys one of the products direct from FIREase, either on-line through the website, via telephone or via the usps, and uses a 1st level referral code, the 1st level referee will accrue $5 in their earnings account.  FIREase believes every buyer will have an incentive to use a referral code when they make their purchase because by doing so they will receive $5 off the then list price.  The 2nd level referee can also request their own referral code by following the process outlined in Getting a Referral Code, allowing them to generate referral earnings when contacts in their network purchase one of the products.

SECOND LEVEL REFERRALS. In addition to earnings generated from 2nd level referees, additional earnings are generated for those in the referral program when a 3rd level referee purchases one of the products. When a 3rd level referee purchases one of the products using a 2nd level referral code, the 1st level referee will earn $2 for that purchase, and the 2nd level referee will earn $5 for that purchase.

THIRD LEVEL REFERRALS AND BEYOND. Referees in the referral program also generate referral earnings for purchases made through the 6th level removed referee as long as a valid referral code is used at the time of purchase. The amount earned will be $2 divided by the number of referees between the nearest referee and up to 4 referees removed from the nearest referee.  For example, for a purchase by a 4th level referee (a friend of yours bought the product, a friend of your friend bought the product, and a friend of that friend bought the product), you will receive $2/2, or $1.00. For a purchase by a 5th level referee, the 1st through 3rd level referees will receive $2/3, or $.67.  The referee closest to the buyer always earns $5 if the referral code is used to purchase via the FIREase website, via telephone call to FIREase or via the usps.

GETTING A REFERRAL CODE.  For the program to be effective, your network of contacts and your network of contacts contacts and so on must request a referral code of their own and the referral codes must be used when ordering.  Each referral code issued will be linked to the proceeding referral codes so that FIREase can properly pay everyone for their referrals.  In order for an individual to receive a referral code, that code must be requested from FIREase by an individual already in the referral program and therefore known to FIREase.  It will then be the requestors responsibility to forward that referral code on to their contact.  Referral codes may be issued to contacts that have not purchased the products, but are known to the referral network by following the process outlined in this section.

PAYING REFERRAL EARNINGS.  At this time we will send a check for the referrals at the end of every month where the accrued referral amount on an account is more than $50.  Otherwise we will wait until the accrued referral earnings are at least $50.  If the referral program is discontinued, all unpaid referral amounts will be paid.

REFERRAL BALANCES.  Referral balances can be requested by submitting a request through our website at or email

Suggestions on how to generate referral earnings:

  • forward the initial e-mail to your friends and family letting them know of these outstanding products, encouraging them to review the products to determine if they would like to purchase and letting them know they could also request a referral code of their own to use with their network
  • post a notice on one or more of their “social media” products (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) regarding these outstanding products available in the market
  • “like us” on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn
  • set aside some time to visualize how you can make this work for you
  • set a goal for yourself, enter a recurring reminder in your calendar to help maintain your awareness of the program and its opportunity for you to generate referral earnings

What it Could Be for You or more:

  • Earn: $130,000, how:  you refer 50, who refer 50 each, who also refer 50 each, all purchase/get/use a referral code (achievable, requires effort, determination and focus)
  • Earn $8,900, how: you refer 20 , who refer 20 each, who also refer 20 each, all purchase/get/use a referral code (very doable)
  • Earn $1,250, how: you refer 10 , who refer 10 each, who also refer 10 each, all purchase/get/use a referral code (very doable)

FIREase reserves the right to limit the number of referral codes that are active at any one time.  If this occurs existing referral codes will remain active while the program is in place, but new referral codes will not be issued.

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