Starter material and kindling won’t start burning

  • The starter material needs to be paper, wood shavings, pine straw or other material with resin, also needs to be dry, kindling should be about pencil size in diameter and dry

Fire starts but dies out

  • Do the logs make a “hissing sound”?  If so they are wet and won’t burn well
  • Did you add ¾” to 1” in diameter kindling around the grate and/or on top of the starter material and pencil sized kindling?  If not you need to do this to build up a group of embers
  • Did you add 3” or 4” or larger unsplit logs to the fire when you started it up?  If so you need to start with logs that are split and are 2 to 2.5 inches across at their widest
  • Did you build up a “pile of hot embers” in the center of the fire?  If not you need to add additional kindling to the bottom center part of the fire (“ember core”) to establish a hot “ember core” to help your larger logs burn
  • Are you using all hardwoods as your logs?  If so try mixing softwood and hardwood together for your logs
  • Is the IncinerGrateTM placed in a deep fire pit with solid side walls? If so, try adding river stone, 3” to 4” in size into the bottom of the firepit to raise up your fire

Fire not buring well in your fire pit

  • If your fire pit is 3 to 4 feet deep you may not be getting good airflow to the fire, we suggest filling the fire pit up with 3 to 4″ sized “river rock” to about 6 to 8″ from the top.  This will lift your fire up and provide better airflow in/around the fire.
  • If you want to keep the depth of your fire pit to burn some larger brush, etc, contact us at to discuss some creative solutions to this challenge.

Logs fall down when adding new logs

  • Check to see if you have the existing logs standing “straight up” or “vertical”, if so “angle” the logs a bit so your fire has a teepee form

Logs won’t burn all the way down

  • Do you have a hot “ember core”?  If not make sure you maintain a good hot “ember core” during your fire

Fire falls over

  • Is the IncinerGrateTM placed on a level, solid surface?  If not it needs to be placed on a level solid surface
  • Do you have all the logs on one side of the IncinerGrateTM?  If so place your logs all around the entire IncinerGrateTM

Logs won’t stay in Teepee form

  • Do you have the longer “legs” of the IncinerGrateTM on the bottom and the shorter “legs” on the top?  If not turn the IncinerGrateTM over

Logs smoking excessively:

  • Check to see if the logs are damp, were they making a hissing sound – if so then too damp
  • Check Firewood Ratings to see if type of logs you are using naturally are “smoky”

Main logs are not completely burning

  • Do you have a hot “ember core” in the bottom center of your fire?  If not add 3/4″ to 1″ kindling to the “ember core” to build it up, hot “ember core” is needed to burn larger logs
  • Are your logs damp or wet? If so find some dry logs
  • Are you putting large logs on the fire early on?  If so use smaller logs, 2″ or so across until the fire gets hotter and can burn the larger logs
  • Are you using unsplit logs – if so use dry seasoned logs

If you don’t find a solution to the problems you are having with your fire, please contact us through the website or e-mail us at

Thank you,

FIREase LLC Customer Service

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